How to Accurately Track Search Engine Rankings using a VPN

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Video about how I use HideMyAss VPN & Rank Tracker to track my web rankings 🙂

Below is the video transcript:
So a question has been asked about how to find out the serp position (search engine results page) position for any given keyword, properly and accurately. Well there are a few problems with this and this is because Google applies personalisation to a lot of the queries. So as an example if your
checking in Firefox, Chrome, Safari your browser history, with Google where you’ve signed in with Google and what you’ve searched for in the past
will affect the positions. Now you can use something like incognito mode, as Collin Davis has mentioned to sort of remove that personalisation,
you can add a depersonalisation query on the end of the search result. And these are all good methods, another method that W.E. Jonk mentions
using Google Webmaster Tools. But, I am not sure how many keywords your looking to check but I am going to go through a few other methods,
and the one I personally use myself. So another method you can use is by using a free proxy service the results will also depend on where the proxy is,
but it can work quite well. So you’d go here and then on and you’d search for Xbox or something. So that way can work as well.
What I personally do, because I have hundreds of keywords to check for is I use the pro version of hide my ass and no I do not work for them,
and I am not going to put an affiliate link or any link to them at all. But you can get that and I pay yearly and its $70 or I don’t know £40 or whatever it is.And I use that in conjunction with a program called Rank Tracker which to be honest with you, although it works and here is what it looks like. And here is what the pro version of hide my ass looks like. Although it works and its updated frequently this company is not entirely honest about how much it costs. So I think it costs something like $99 just to buy this but then after 6 months you either pay like another $40 or $5 a month to keep it working which is really annoying and I kind of felt personally really screwed. So if there is any other rank tracking software out there that works in a similar way and I am sure there is I think there is one called Advanced Web Tracker or Advanced Web Ranking you can use these in conjunction. The way I do it to make sure you’ve got accurate keywords and even sometimes you might have clients in different locations. What I do is I use this HideMyAss and I select the places closest to me so as an example now it is Manchester and then for you if you’re in America or wherever else you are there is literally loads of locations you can select and you can connect there. Then what you do is you change your IP address settings to change every and I set it to change every 4 minutes when this is active, change it to 4 then click apply. Then you can also bind applications so they only work through this VPN so you don’t get busted by Google for keeping looking at your rankings. And they should be as accurate as possible, but obviously everyone’s ranks are going to differ depending on what they’ve done and personalisation options and everything like that so in reality now I guess there is no real official search engine results positions ever. I guess, I don’t know do you disagree with me? Also one more thing, I forgot to mention is you can use that VPN on its own and then use Incognito mode as well or Private Mode in Firefox personally I would probably use the one in Firefox and the other ones in Safari and whatever just because I am still not entirely sure if with Chrome anyway it removes personalisation in total.

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