SEO, Analytics & CRO Tools


Here at Beam Us Up we like to make stuff, that helps people get their jobs done!

SEO Tools

SEO Crawler

This is our “flagship” product, its a free SEO crawler, spider, robot analysis tool. It allows you to find out problems easily on your entire site that might affect your SEO.

.htaccess Generator

Creating .htaccess files can be a right pain in the a** we have made what we believe is the world’s easiest htaccess generator, and we’re sure you’ll think so too.

Google Analytics & CRO (Conversion Rate Optimization) Tools

Analytics A/B Test Percentage Change Calculator

That’s a wordy name eh? Anyway if you use conversion rate software like Visual Website Optimizer or Optimizely you’ll know that viewing percentage differences in your tests or finding out which variation won isn’t always (rarely ever is) accurate. So what this tool does is allow you to export your custom variable data from Google Analytics, then upload it into the tool and it will tell you the percentage change compared to the control of each variation for every single metric and goal.

Chrome Google Analytics Percentage Highlighter

So few years ago Google Analytics used to highlight in colour the percentage change when you compared two data sets which was very useful. For some reason they decided to remove that function this Google Chrome extension ads that functionality back in.