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What are people saying about our SEO Crawling Spider?

Simon FryerSimon Fryer from CandidSky

From the first crawl I carried out I was impressed with the BUU crawler. Even at these early stages it outstrips the competition in terms of insights and integration, and, having listened to what BUU have in the pipeline I would say that this is definitely a tool to keep an eye on.

Chris Bawden from TechSmith

What does our tool allow you to do?

Find Errors Easily

Taking the time to filter, sort and segment exported data from your site crawls is time consuming just to find out you’ve got x number of missing titles or x number of short descriptions. Our crawl tool has smart filters built in to display the most common SEO errors you want to find during your site audit.

Save time with – Excel & Drive Export

When you have to export your crawl data to CSV format first, then re-save into Excel you waste time. You can also hit a roadblock trying to copy and paste that SEO crawl into Google drive since there is a limit on characters. You can again save time and effort by using our tool that will export all data and filter sets straight to Excel or a Google Drive Spreadsheet.

Sort out duplicates site pages

A common problem uncovered in site audits is a problem with duplicate content. Quickly identify duplicate pages in our software. Our filter will flag the problem and by simply selecting the page with duplicates click on more details you can find out which pages are duplicates of which pages so you can fix the problem.

Crawl more with NO Limits

Crawl more than other crawlers for free with no forced limits on how much you can crawl (the only limit is your hardware).

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Don’t forget you’ll need Java installed on your computer to run our software (most will have this installed already)

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