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  • IconWell, it is free, completely free, absolutely no limits, catches or anything else.
  • IconWorks on Windows, Mac & Linux.
  • IconErrors come up automatically, no guess work.

In-depth list of what is crawls

Everything it can help you with, maybe there's a few more but these are the main points.


External Link Review

Analyzes all external links and checks their status.


Redirect Tracking

Monitors both permanent and temporary redirects.


Duplicate Content Finder

Find and manage duplicate pages to avoid content.


Error Detection

Identifies broken links, server issues, and client errors to ensure site reliability.


H1, H2 & H3 Checks

Examines meta robots tags for directives like index, no index, follow, and no follow.


Meta Robots

Monitors both permanent and temporary redirects.


XML Sitemap Review

Crawls basic or complex nested sitemaps and tells you what URLs are in it what are missing etc.


Meta Description Check

Evaluates meta descriptions for duplication, length issues, or missing getting them correct can help with CTR in SERPs.


Internal Links

Assesses all incoming links, their anchor text or alt tags (on images), and whether they are follow or no-follow attributes.


Outbound Links

Reviews all outbound links from your pages and checks their status’ ensuring they lead to quality and relevant sites.


Anchor Text

Analyzes the anchor text for all links, including image links, to ensure they are descriptive and relevant.


Canonical Tags

Shows all canonical tags and missing and different from source pages so you can view and sort them out easily.


Crawl Depth Analysis

Determines how deep URLs are within your site's architecture, if you’ve got priority pages and they are too far away from the homepage this can help them rank higher.


Page Titles

Checks for issues with page titles, such as duplicates, incorrect length, or missing ones. Allowing you to see them all together so you can sort out any issues and optimize them.


Blocked URL Analysis

Reveals and audits URLs that are disallowed from being crawled = blocking from appearing in the search engine results.


Meta Keywords

Even though no big search engine uses it, it’s often a good way to see if your SEO company knows what they are doing lol. Because if it is used then that could show they have no idea what they are doing.



Check X Robots Tags to see if pages are set not to index etc.

Is it the best downloadable SEO spider crawling software in the world?

No. ScreamingFrog & NetPeak are better. But for free we’re confident it is the best. And for most users and websites even professionals Beam Us Up is going to give you the same actionable results. It is also significantly easier to use as those tools are designed to do a lot more and for professionals.

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