Beam Us Up Crawler Updated v1.2.1 – Big Feature Update


Download WindowsMac or Linux

Remember you need Java installed for Mac (how to run on mac guide) & Linux. As well as to uninstall any previous version.

Need Support?

Reply to a comment with your real email address in this post and I’ll get back to you.

Whats in the update?

So we’ve been busy working on updates to Beam Us Up crawler the updates are many many many!

Crawls are automatically saved

Crawling is saved periodically during a crawl.

If you crawl too many URLs and it freezes then and you restart the program it’ll load up from where you left off and you can complete it or delete it.

Right Click Copy

Lots of options to copy the tables.

Improvements in error filters

Color coded filters and cleaning up of the buttons

In and Outside of Sitemaps

See if urls you are seeing are inside or outside of sitemaps.

Easier to see in links and out links from a page

URL Search

Dark Mode

Bug Fixes and Minor Improvements

A lot of bug fixes and minor improvements!

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