Hello my name is Gui aka William. I first started this website to sell my consultancy services in 2011 and then in 2013 I turned it into the main website for the crawling software that I make.

My history online

I started making websites when I was 10 years old (I’m 25 years ago, yep I am 35). When I was 12 I launched a free web host:

Screenshot taken from WebArchive, my spelling then was just as good as it is now 😉  As you can see I already had made “SEO” tools back then (web based = meta keyword maker, html editor).

Awesome rebranding lol…

Then a while later, I started really wanting to own web forums and a top list for my favourite hobby at the time Xbox:

I owned and help run lots of Xbox websites and then met Nathan an a online PR pioneer (online only) that would take me into SEO.

I was put in a role that had me try and get links or exchange links (that used to work) when I was 13/14. For a even bigger Xbox-info.com and then for his other companies Allcount.com which was a web analytics company and iPaqRepair which was a iPaq repair company (wow what a surprise).

Then at 15 I was forced to leave due to moving countries and places several times and at 16 I had to leave home. So needed to get a real job to look after my sister who couldn’t work. So my web stuff had to be put on a back burner as I couldn’t do things from internet cafes. So from 16 to 21 I did very little and worked in stores and as a bouncer.

Then at 21 (14yrs ago) I decided to get back into it and managed to get my first full time adult job as an SEO and within 9 months I had already left and started being a self employed consultant.

Then I went back to work for 2 years as I wanted to learn CRO and try a management role. 10 years ago now I setup my company which deals with data for the car industry. And now in 2024 I have decided to give more attention to my old hobby which is making this crawler and other tools that I’d like to use.