Here are the posts releated to SEO tactics and advice that may help give you an edge in on your competitors.

Why I learned not to trust what anyone says in SEO


I used to read SEO blogs religiously and try and be as white hat as I could about 10 years ago. When I first got my first official 9-5 working in SEO (my first experience in SEO was back when I was 14 (16 years ago)). I worked at a small agency and tried to follow the rules however, pretty much all of my clients competitor websites were doing shady practices and getting away with it, which I was...

Run A Crawl Before & After You Launch A New Site


A new site is always a dangerous and exciting time in marketing. All the stake-holders get their input, old becomes new and opportunity is right there for the taking. Unfortunately, this is also a time where disaster can lurk in the shadows waiting for a deadline being pushed up to jump out and say BOO! SEO: Know Thy Site The best way to avoid problems is to get to know your old site better. Run...

A Guide to Auditing Your Google Webmaster Tools


Let us take you on a fantastic journey through Google’s Webmaster tools that will help both beginners and intermediate SEOs on your next site audit to discover problems, discover trends, find opportunities and uncover search penalties applied to your site. A huge shout out and thank you to the very talented Gyi Tsakalakis, SEO Director EPL Digital & AttorneySync for all of his insights! Site...

Site Audit Checklist #1: Headers


We’re going to start a series of blog posts to build up the perfect checklist for you to use in your next SEO site audit. We thought we give you some basics on each element and some input from technical SEOs who do this every day for some new insights. What Are Headers & How Should They Be Used While many casual users may be familiar with the header element because it makes your text...

How and Why To Configure The Crawl Rate for Spiders and Bots


[box type=’info’]Chris Bawden is a SEO celebrity in the making you can find him at: check it out for more great posts. Chris had some problems recently while boldly crawling where nobody crawled before. He shares his experiences below:[/box] Web crawlers are one of the most important tools an SEO has in his or her tool bag.  Crawlers are also some of the most powerful...