Tools & Guides for Creating EPIC Content #SEOGOFISH

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Resources for Creating Epic Content

Don’t forget to keep your content relevant. If people can’t relate, then they won’t care. -Megan Pritts

Count how many times us vs you appears on your website and marketing copy. If us appears more, change it up. – Print Firm

Just because you have a set of data DOESN’T mean it will ALWAYS make a good infographic – Beam Us Up

Your content has to be a better resource than anyone else’s if you want people to come back to it. – Megan Pritts

Tools for Creating Epic Content

“Tough for content to be epic if it’s not primarily unique.” Chris Bawden

Free Photo Resources for Your Epic Content

Always use HD, High quality images, and don’t be afraid to TAKE YOUR OWN PICTURES. #NoMoreStockPhotos – Beam Us Up

Don’t forget to name your image file to match your Alt text. – Jeremy Rivera

Don’t forget to find images that are more than just low resolution stock photos, this is even more important in “boring industries” like urinal dividerstoilet partitions or steel doors because you need to stand out even more from your competitors who are hawking similar wares. You can do that by delivering a great website experience with big, clear, useful images.

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