Where are we now?


So it’s been ages since we’ve lasted posted or last released an update and some people may be wondering what on earth are you guys doing?!

  • Yes we still support Beam Us Up SEO Crawler (infact if you send a support query you’ll be surprised by how fast we reply to you!).
  • Yes we will still release an update for it sometime (can’t say when since we’ve got other cooler stuff we’re working on)
  • Other stuff? What other stuff? In the next few weeks we’ll be releasing an entirely new product! It’s not even for SEO (or isit?).

So hope that’s cleared things up and we’ll be back soon with more cool stuff!


  • Hey guys just found your site by accident while searching for google on the terms scraper tool. Was wondering if you guys will be releasing a version that allows us to import urls (just like screaming frog) since i didn’t see that feature.

    Thanks for the tool and I hope you guys continue to update new features!