Updated SEO Crawler: Version #355

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SEO Crawler - New Screenshot

We haven’t released a new version of our SEO site crawler in months because we’ve been hard at work on our next big project. However, today is the day for us to release a new version of our crawl tool, we hope you enjoy the updates! Be sure to let us know of other crawl features, options and bugs!


  • Brand New Look – No more ugly interface!
  • Memory Optimization – We now use EVEN less memory for crawling which means even bigger crawls possible for you! (on the bottom right of the app you’ll notice a new feature which lets you know how much memory the program is using this is mainly used for you if you want to report a bug)
  • Improved Crawl Stopping – Done enough crawling you can now stop it without many problems.
  • Other general bug fixes








Don’t forget you’ll need the newest Java installed on your computer to run our software (most will have this installed already)

Please be sure to share our crawl tool

We put a lot of effort into making this and you don’t even have to pay for it. So if you could share our unlimited SEO crawler that would be great!

Find a bug, got an idea or any comment?
Put it in the comments or let us know!

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1 comment

  1. Moon Mkt
    12 . May . 2018

    I tried your new tool. Fantastic. Now even on large sites I can work with my laptop. memory problems are a memory. 🙂
    thanks good job


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