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Hello, I first started this project back in 2011 to make free tools for SEO, etc., and to serve as my personal website to get consulting gigs, etc. It’s done that over the years, and I’ve kept it ticking along, now and then updating, and recently in the last few years, trying to get someone to fix the biggest tool we made, the BeamUsUp Crawler. Unfortunately, due to one of the too many ongoing wars, the person I got to do it could no longer continue, and the technology used to make it is dead, so getting someone to fix it and make it work turned out to be difficult but it’s being worked on.

So, I decided to start work on a new project with my actual company rather than trying to make the crawler work again with people who don’t work with me directly.

So what are we going to do? (see next title for quicker response)

Last year Google killed off universal analytics which wasn’t well recieved by the most part. And myself too, having worked with analytics products since I was 10yrs old (I’m 35 now) I didn’t have a tool I could confidently use to get the data I used to get quickly. So I tried a few offerings both free and paid. But found nothing that worked for me. Either they were too different, expensive, complex or slow. Or so overly simple that no one could ever gain any real insight from the data… =

So we’re going to make an Analytics platform just like the good old days

The idea is you’ll get started with it and basically immediately know how to use it. We’ll also add some new features that we think old analytics products didn’t have. Here is a screenshot of our alpha version:

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  1. Sagar
    26 . Jun . 2024

    Cool, Waiting eagerly to test beta 🙂


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