Wagestream.com Homepage and Lead Generation Page Conversion & Product Review


Join me as I take a look at Wagestream and look at how they could make their product easier to understand to improve conversion rate from their homepage as well as their lead generation page.

What is the problem?

Wagestream has a great product (I’ve never used it but it sounds great), the problem is you need to scroll down a few miles before they tell you what their main product, actually is. They use a lot of words and say almost nothing for a lot of the homepage. They need to focus on their main value state it immediately and have it targeted to the correct people. The explaination is actually almost hidden and you’ve got to go down the page and then turn right (literally) to get to it.

Their lead generation page is also lacking. Their is no difference in reality in the questions asked in the form no matter what type of person you say you are. There is also no further explaination of the product, which if the homepage does such a bad job of it, the lead gen page could aleast improve upon it. But it doesn’t. With a few small changes to their homepage and lead generation page they could get a nice increase in conversion rate of their product and have people truly understand what they do.

Want your product / site reviewed?

I’ll do it for free as long as your webtraffic is over 10,000 per month and I can publish my thoughts on it publically. If not you can hire me as a consultant or you can do that anyway if you want something a bit more in-depth.

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