How to add bounce rate in GA4 in 20 seconds.


Watch the very very short video above… And you’ll get your answer or read below. So you’ve been forced to upgrade to Google Analytics 4 (GA4), you’ve finished wiping all your tears for the past few months and you’re finally getting started with it. But you can’t find bounce rate!? Fear not. It’s hidden but it is still there. Goto a report like...

California’s Delete Act: What International Businesses and Google Analytics Users Need to Know.


Overview California recently passed a new law called the Delete Act on October 10, if you’re excited to read it and I am sure you are you can do so here. This law lets people in California ask data brokers to delete their personal information. Here we break down what the law means for US companies, ones outside (EU, Europe, UK, Worldwide) and how it could affect Google Analytics. Should I...

Unsample Google Analytics Reports Easy Quick Tutorial


So as you may be aware at Beam Us Up we love Google Analytics! (Didn’t notice? Check out our other tools) Anyway so we have created a tool that unsamples Google Analytics reports in seconds! And it’s super easy to use! (If your not aware of sampling then you probably don’t need this tool). You can either watch the video above to find out what the tool is how it works and how to...