So as you may be aware at Beam Us Up we love Google Analytics! (Didn’t notice? Check out our other tools) Anyway so we have created a tool that unsamples Google Analytics reports in seconds! And it’s super easy to use! (If your not aware of sampling then you probably don’t need this tool).

You can either watch the video above to find out what the tool is how it works and how to use it, read this tutorial below, or jump right to the Unsample tool.

Step 1 – Select the date range and report you want

1 date range

(Yikes! Check out that sampling)

Step 2 – Change the date range until sampling no longer occurs

2 good date range

So why are we doing this? Firstly we should state our tool only works if sampling does not occur on 1 day if it does then we can’t help. The way our tool works is that it takes all the data you give it and puts it all together to get an unsampled report if sampling occurs in one day then we’d be putting together sampled information and we’d not get good data.

Step 3 – Export CSV’s

You’ll need to export unsampled csv’s until you make up your entire date range. So as an example if I wanted to get May 1st to May 31st and sampling only did not occur on 1 days worth of data I’d need to export 31 different CSV’s (oh that’s a lot of work but try doing this manually lets see who does it faster 😉 we’re working on a tool to automate this process). However in many cases you may find that sampling only occurs after 14 days worth of data or whatever it is for your site so you may need fewer exports. Note: Export’s do not have to be equal in the amount of days contained.

Step 4 – Put all CSV’s into our tool

3 select all files


Goto our tool and then click on “Choose Files” and select using “shift” all the files needed to create your full report (in this example I’ve only placed 2 but it could be loads). Then select them and press next.

Step 5 – Select Report Type

4 select type


If you’ve got a normal report with just one dimension and no advanced segments select that. (The rest should be self explanatory)

Step 6 – Download it and ENJOY!

5 done


YES! Enjoy!

This tool has taken us a lot of effort to develop and it’s completely free and has no restrictions or adverts. So please pay us by sharing it via Twitter, Facebook, Google+ or any other sharing thing you use! Thanks a bunch 🙂


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