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Train on the GA4 Demo Account


Find demo accounts here and select which one you want to add to your account, you can delete it later just like any other acount. Using Google Analytics 4 (GA4) demo accounts lets you practice using real business data. It’s beneficial if your property lacks enough data. The demo offers an excellent opportunity to familiarize yourself with GA4’s features, tools, and reports. What is...

What are views in GA4? Understanding Google Analytics 4 Account Structure compared to Universal Analytics


Google Analytics 4 (GA4) introduces data streams, which replace the views used in Universal Analytics (UA). Let’s break down the differences. Universal Analytics (UA) Views vs. GA4 Data Streams: UA Views: Definition: Views showed a specific set of data from a property. They allowed you to see particular data sections without altering the main information. Usage: You could have created...

How to add bounce rate in GA4 in 20 seconds.


Watch the very very short video above… And you’ll get your answer or read below. So you’ve been forced to upgrade to Google Analytics 4 (GA4), you’ve finished wiping all your tears for the past few months and you’re finally getting started with it. But you can’t find bounce rate!? Fear not. It’s hidden but it is still there. Goto a report like...

Tracking Social Media Shares through Google Analytics (GA)


Hey Buddy, so you want to track how many people are sharing your content through social media? What those users are doing? And even users who copy and paste your link and share it? Well before you’d have to follow an excellent tutorial by Himanshu Sharma which as well written as it may be for your average user it isn’t that easy to achieve and also won’t track copy and paste...

Site Audit Checklist #1: Headers


We’re going to start a series of blog posts to build up the perfect checklist for you to use in your next SEO site audit. We thought we give you some basics on each element and some input from technical SEOs who do this every day for some new insights. What Are Headers & How Should They Be Used While many casual users may be familiar with the header element because it makes your text...