Mac/Linux Version Support Discontinued


So currently we do not really support any of the software as it is largely discontinued as we are busy with other projects. However we keep getting many emails about issues with Mac/Linux versions so to make things easier we will no longer be offering the downloads to these versions without this warning: We do not support neither mac or linux versions please do not email us about them. Here are...

Beam Us Up Crawler Bug Update


We’ve updated the BUU crawler as it seems the latest version of Java broke it! It has now been updated for Windows/Linux the Mac version should be ready next week but if you are using Mac then you can actually download the Linux version and run that just look up (how to run JAR program on mac) and you should be able to do it if you dont know how.

Tracking Social Media Shares through Google Analytics (GA)


Hey Buddy, so you want to track how many people are sharing your content through social media? What those users are doing? And even users who copy and paste your link and share it? Well before you’d have to follow an excellent tutorial by Himanshu Sharma which as well written as it may be for your average user it isn’t that easy to achieve and also won’t track copy and paste...

Where are we now?


So it’s been ages since we’ve lasted posted or last released an update and some people may be wondering what on earth are you guys doing?! Yes we still support Beam Us Up SEO Crawler (infact if you send a support query you’ll be surprised by how fast we reply to you!). Yes we will still release an update for it sometime (can’t say when since we’ve got other cooler...

Updated SEO Crawler: Version #355


We haven’t released a new version of our SEO site crawler in months because we’ve been hard at work on our next big project. However, today is the day for us to release a new version of our crawl tool, we hope you enjoy the updates! Be sure to let us know of other crawl features, options and bugs! Changes: Brand New Look – No more ugly interface! Memory Optimization – We...