Web Based Crawler


Update: Unforuntately due to personal reasons the developer I was working on this with (who doesn’t work for my main company) could no longer continue. So this project was abandoned, I have decided instead to use my company and my own developers to develop a spiritual sucessor to beamusup which will be webbased and a hybrid software that should help with SEO too.

Hey, so we’re scheduled to release the web based version of our crawler in January 2023 as a BETA. It’s a little far in the future I know but bare in mind we are just two people doing this as a side project. At the start essentitally the look and feel should be somewhat similar to the desktop version, as that was the quickest way to do things. In terms of the way it will work you will have to sign up and dependant on how many users there are you will have to wait your turn for your crawl and then we’ll email you back when it is done.

If you want to be informed when it’s released leave a comment here or on the previous post (no need to leave it twice although the support is appreciated).