So after around 5 years out of active development, I have decided to restart development on the Beam Us Up crawler! This time it’ll run from your browser. At first we’ll just be keeping the same functionality as before and make it run from your browser. And best of all it’ll be entirely free, with no premium versions at all!

Leave a comment here and I’ll email you when the first version is out.


  1. Amazing news! Ever since I started using BUU, I was wishing that it would go into active development again! I’m so happy about your announcement!

  2. This is great. I just found you and discovered that your original desktop program has everything I need — except bulk list import 😭 Hope it makes it into this release 😁

  3. Happy to read this tool goes back to active development! Wish you good luck. By the way, I think you should provide a contact email so that us users can help you make it better (for example, I found a couple of errors in it and I could let you about them).

  4. Will the new version support the tag? The current crawler that you have available fails to recognize the change to the base uri in my tags when looking up relative links, causing a lot of false positives and preventing the crawler from scanning most of one of my sites.

    • Corrections: “the html base tag”, “my html base tags”
      I wrote the word base enclosed with the lesser than and greater than symbols (to appear like a normal HTML tag) but, apparently, the whole thing got stripped out by a filter for this comment form.

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