ArchiveFebruary 27, 2014

#SEOGoFish Great Posts on Site Audits


Shall we play a game? #seogofish Reply with the BEST post you’ve read/written on: #SEOaudits cc @seo @gyitsakalakis — Jeremy Rivera (@JeremyRiveraSEO) February 27, 2014 This morning I decided to play a little game on twitter and see if I could get people to play along and provide the best posts and resources on a specific SEO topic. I decided to see who wanted to...

Q and A with BuzzSumo: Social Media, Outreach and Tools


An Interview with James Blackwell of BuzzSumo We love seeing new tools getting created for the online marketing industry (that’s why we’ve made a few tools of our own) so we thought we would ask some questions to James Blackwell, co-founder of an awesome social media tool called Buzzsumo. Hopefully you’ll read something useful for your online marketing! What lead you to create...