Update To Our SEO Crawler: Version #235


New build of the crawler tool is now live! Thanks for everyone’s help in making this version possible by providing feedback. We would specially like to shout out to Simon Fryer and Nicholas Chimonas for helping. Changes:

  • Table error fixes (sometimes when viewing an item in the top window the more detailed report below showed a different URL)
  • Stability (crawls better)
  • 2.5k Limit unfortunately you are now limited to scanning 2,500 pages which is still alot, new version will be out in the new year allowing for more
  • GUI Changes (now looks better)
  • Ignore no follow configuration
  • User Agent Switcher (in beta stage currently you scan as IE8)
  • Naming of versions this is now done in “revisions” rather than builds which is why there is such a jump from the last version 72 and this one 235 😉

Future Changes:

  • Dedicated Windows & Mac version – by having this we can then maximise the amount of RAM used by the program making it faster


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Don’t forget you’ll need Java installed on your computer to run our software (most will have this installed already)

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