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Understanding SEO Crawls: What’s a Parameter?


[box type=’info’]As the Technical Coordinator of the Search Marketing and Advertising team at TechSmith Corporation(if you’ve ever watched a screencast you’ve seen their software in action), a software company in Okemos, Michigan, Chris Bawden is responsible for Analytics and the technical aspects of SEO.  In doing so, he spiders the website daily, so we asked him for a...

How to Accurately Track Search Engine Rankings using a VPN


Video about how I use HideMyAss VPN & Rank Tracker to track my web rankings 🙂 Below is the video transcript: So a question has been asked about how to find out the serp position (search engine results page) position for any given keyword, properly and accurately. Well there are a few problems with this and this is because Google applies personalisation to a lot of the queries. So as an...