Be a Beta Tester for new SEO Auditing Software

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SEO Auditing Software

So I am creating a new technical SEO auditing software and I need people to help me test it give me new ideas on features and contribute! Everyone who helps will be linked to from the credits section and plus you’ll be using this software before anyone else!

Anyway so you want to be part of it do you? Well just fill in this form below so once the beta is ready (2 weeks) I can send it to my new beta testers! Once it’s ready you’ll be inivited to private forms so we can discuss bugs, features etc etc 🙂

Update: SEO Crawler released

I’ve released the SEO crawler and have made a number of important feature additions, take a tour of the SEO crawler and see what’s now a possible!


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  1. Florian
    02 . Oct . 2013


    awesome idea. Hope to be a lucky guy who will be honored to be one of your beta-testers :).

    All the best



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