Trying to make used car buying more fair to the consumer


While it is not really mentioned here too much my passion aside from building things and products is cars. I’ve also worked in the car industry for the past 9 years and I also have purchased cars from the consumer point of view. There are many points of interaction in a used car buying journey which are unfair but the one I am focusing on and trying to improve is classified websites. These... Homepage and Lead Generation Page Conversion & Product Review


Join me as I take a look at Wagestream and look at how they could make their product easier to understand to improve conversion rate from their homepage as well as their lead generation page. What is the problem? Wagestream has a great product (I’ve never used it but it sounds great), the problem is you need to scroll down a few miles before they tell you what their main product, actually...

Carcondor – How a product is created from a problem.


The reason I left this software to depreciate was because I started another company Carcondor. Within the automotive industry. Let me tell you how all of that got started, for you to understand how a product is created from a problem. But mostly for me to plug my own company 😉 2014 I am working in digital marketing and product at a large car dealer in the UK. While it is not my position, I start...