ArchiveApril 6, 2020

Developing products and tools to further your career


My point: Create something of value in your industry to give credibility to your work, and you may find you’ll be getting more career opportunities. (Continue reading for more details…) My original purpose of setting up this website was as a freelancer, then to launch a business and then to create software and tools and now to what it is now. Anyway, so back in 2013 (7 years ago), I had the idea...

We’re back… In a different form.


So I started this website with a purpose of creating a free SEO tool which I did and finished. I made the project mostly to learn what it was like to do something like that and to get my own name out there. Well it worked for that purpose and the things I learnt by creating crawling software led me to my company which crawls the web for data (it isn’t this one). Since this coronavirus...